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    Attention. Currently under development is the official Creepypasta Wiki app. Featured and ideas will be listed below along with specifications.

    • Read creepypastas on the go from your mobile android device.
    • Save pastas for later
    • Ability to search the site for pastas
    • Filter by category

    • Android (free - $0.99)

    If you have anymore suggestions or questions please ask them below.

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    Upcoming Vacation

    September 28, 2013 by Prince(ss) Platinum

    Since my last blog gave off a bad erm... "vibe" I have decided to create a different, much more positive one.

    As some of you know I have been on this wiki for over a year now. In that year I have accomplished quite a lot thanks to the support (and albeit patience and tolerance) of the userbase of this site. After all, this is where I started programming and ultimately familiarizing myself with the API and general wiki operation. I have come so far from who I used to be to the person I am now. I have changed quite a bit whether it be for the better or worse. I plan to carry on growing here and hopefully we can all get together and optimize the operation of this community, quality of the content, and organization of the site.

    Several times oveā€¦

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    Name: Fu- Maria

    Age: 18

    Height: Unno

    Eye color: Hazel

    Hair color: "Dirty" blonde

    Favorite color: Blue

    Hobbies: Are you implying I have a life?

    Sexuality: All of them

    Relationship: Yes

    Ships: Big Macintosh X Caramel

    Favorite user:

    Cats: yes

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    Top Signature

    August 28, 2013 by Prince(ss) Platinum

    You have two days starting from now to make the best possible signature you can. You must make it yourself and you cannot use siggify.


    • Must make it yourself
    • Must not be more than 100px tall and 250px wide
    • No GIF images may be used

    Good luck!

    Prinplat ]Open Source[ 02:14, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

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