Today, I am going to try to type a short horror story spontaneously.

This means complete upfront improvisational writing - I write whatever comes to my mind in the string of sentence, while at the same time trying my best to stay revelent.

The story stops when nothing comes to my mind in 3 seconds.

Here I go:

Jimmy sat down on his chair, swinging around staring at the window as he sneezed.

Out of his mouth came blood. The crimson red splattered across his desk, drawing his scowl and sneer, as he grumbled and cursed under his breath.

Heaving himself up, he shifted his obese bottom around as he trudged off to find a cloth.

Little did he know, completely oblivious to him, was imminent danger lurking behind his door.

A dog, its fur drenched in the blood of war veterens.

The underdog.

The End