SO guys, I was thinking, and thinking, and existing, and then I was on chat, and I realized how much people hate LOLSKELETONS. Now I don't wanna be the next person to rant, and neither the next person to make a "what do you think about me" blog, so I thought I would make something a bit more... productive per say. I just felt that if people have the right to make all their hate threads, well then, I would just go ahead and do something nice for once. 

First things first; I just wanna clarify what LOLSKELETONS does on this site. He doesn't delete pastas... only. LOLSKELETONS is responsible for the upkeep of the wiki. He codes (a tiny bit) but heavily focuses more on the critique section of this site. He reviews, organizes, and removes -- only when necessary -- creepypastas. I'm sure he has other obligaions after this, but those are either minimal to my argument or just not as important as the ones listed.

Second, I just wanted to say Thank You to skelly aka LOLSKELETONS, for, you know, being a great person. He is severily scolded maybe even daily for doing his job, which again, is extremely important to the organization of this LITERATURE website. Again, thank you skelly for being so great at your volunteer job as a Burocrat here, and thank you for being the sexiest hyper realistic skeleton that popped out and happened to this wiki. 

If you would like to show skelly some love, that would be awesome. Post it on the comments below ^~^