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  • Pramirez351

    SO guys, I was thinking, and thinking, and existing, and then I was on chat, and I realized how much people hate LOLSKELETONS. Now I don't wanna be the next person to rant, and neither the next person to make a "what do you think about me" blog, so I thought I would make something a bit more... productive per say. I just felt that if people have the right to make all their hate threads, well then, I would just go ahead and do something nice for once. 

    First things first; I just wanna clarify what LOLSKELETONS does on this site. He doesn't delete pastas... only. LOLSKELETONS is responsible for the upkeep of the wiki. He codes (a tiny bit) but heavily focuses more on the critique section of this site. He reviews, organizes, and removes -- onl…

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  • Pramirez351

    Movie Night Rules

    September 14, 2013 by Pramirez351

    Ok guys, over the last couple of movie nights, we have seen some behavior that is...annoying, so I have been forced to make rules for the simple movie night that we have. They are a copule of rules just put into place so that no one messes with movie night, and everything is in order.

    1. NO BEING ANNOYING. Spamming stuff, being rude to others, and other offenceces are a no no.
    2. NO PAUSING/UNPAUSING THE MOVIE. The only time in which this is allowed is when everyone takes a fair vote on it and it has to be requested nicely.
    3. NO FUCKING WITH THE MOVIE TIME. If something seems...wrong with the time, it doestn matter, just dont even think about moving the timer in the movie.
    5. You can make any nam…
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  • Pramirez351

    New youtube?

    May 2, 2013 by Pramirez351

    So I was going through some pastas the other day and saw how some pastas had at the bottom "please rate! thanks" or some variation of that. people are asking for this...kinda reminds me of how in youtube, people say "please comment, like and subscribe". yeah.... I really apreciate the way Ben worked on this rating system, I know that coding is pretty complex, but I don't know if the creepy pasta comunity will start self high fiving themselves like that. In other words, I hope we don't see "give me 5 stars plz" in the future.

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  • Pramirez351


    March 25, 2013 by Pramirez351

    It has been a month now. I have gotten closer to my quest of being a mod! my only grades are getting low.  I also have a big project due, so i may have to stop comming so frecuently. How sad. welp, lets see how everything turns out!

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  • Pramirez351


    February 21, 2013 by Pramirez351

    This is all so new! It is cool but....just wierd! The chat is hilarious, but the pastas are still scary. (I am a scardy cat.) I have tried editing and found it tedious...but it is a small price to pay for wanting to be a mod!

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