Hi, everyone, this is my first blog post for HELPME.scr. Im going to be using this blog only to research HELPME.scr. While i may write a few creepypastas every once in a while, im only using this blog for HELPME.scr.I also think i may have seen slenderman a few times. So, if i do, i will write about in a creepypasta, or in here.

So, first,if you dont know what HELPME.scr is, just look it up in the creepypasta wiki, you'll find it there.

Anyway, heres my first actual post researching HELPME.scr. I have seen lots of things on the internet talking about it, however, they really didnt help me at all. One video on youtube was just some guy reading the creepypasta with a picture of UBOA.However, i did ask Dylan Walsh on Scratch if i could see the animation. He hasnt replied yet, but when he does, of course im going to mention THAT in my blog! I also did see somthing about in the Minecraft forums,but it was just a link (that didnt work, because Dylan deleted the project,), and this: Found this really f***ed up game made by a guy with the same name as me. And somone made a creepypasta about it. Heres the link: .All the comments were hate comments. Once i find out more, i will update.

See you guys later.