Here to waste your life.

I was thinking of posting a pasta on here. But to be honest, it's better off in Trollpasta since I'm absolutely terrible at writing. I had originally made this at the beginning of January. I was considering posting here, but I had heard about how this wiki has very high expectations of its work, or so I've heard from a couple of people who sound like they're still in primary school.

Since I absolutely have NO self-confidence at all in my work I don't usually post it on things like these. But I decided to make my own Creepypasta, an original character. The story is up on Wattpad as 'My Creepypasta' on my old account MeatShieldMatt. If it's okay, could maybe a few people proofread? I got the first half of it checked out, but no one's checked out the last. To be honest, It's really bad. I wrote it in a week - and I was desperately rushing to the end to see the finale of this piece. 

If anything like this is prohibited on here, then I will immediately remove it without any second thoughts to avoid suspension as soon as I see your replies.

But if it's not, if anyone could check it and give me some feedback so I can make it acceptable for the wiki, I send you my thanks. 

Thank you for reading.

From Viola