• I live in Hell, Michigan
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is nothing
  • I am the lord of darkness, RAPTHORNE (oh no that's overused)
  • PopziTawna

    Here to waste your life.

    I was thinking of posting a pasta on here. But to be honest, it's better off in Trollpasta since I'm absolutely terrible at writing. I had originally made this at the beginning of January. I was considering posting here, but I had heard about how this wiki has very high expectations of its work, or so I've heard from a couple of people who sound like they're still in primary school.

    Since I absolutely have NO self-confidence at all in my work I don't usually post it on things like these. But I decided to make my own Creepypasta, an original character. The story is up on Wattpad as 'My Creepypasta' on my old account MeatShieldMatt. If it's okay, could maybe a few people proofread? I got the first half of it checked ou…

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