• Pooley2000

    There you sit , in your cumfy leather sofa , a hot mug of cofee in hand , a biscuit in the other. You've been reading creepypastas and looking at scary ghost pictures for at least an hour. You take a short glance at your silver watch. "Holy crap 3:00am 1 more than bed ". This is your last creepypasta before bed. O whats that? Just the air conditioning. Right? What was that? A ghost;no no no there not real just kids stories. Right? Right. Ever get that feeling that your getting watched go ahead and check out the room for jeff the killer or some sort of murdering ghost girl like in the storys you've been reading. Check the windows for slenderman , search your laptop for murder videos and cursed games. Tick Tock. Tick Tock you hope thats your…

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