MAIN BIT: Who would be the admin to see about having a temporary disablement of the Title Blacklist. Lil' Miss Rarity seems to clear her talk area every so often and I never hear from her (unless she does not reply via the wiki and instead e-mails people, in which case that would explain a lot).

STORY BITS: I need to revise the sequel to You Don't Know What You Look Like Through Other People's Eyes, and (the reason behind the main bit) a story called The Clarity of Death (death is a blacklisted word for titles, which I think is a stupid thing) that is already done and ready to upload. The spin-of to You Don't Know What You Look Like Through Other People's Eyes still has yet to be started, but as soon as I get this whole "Clarity of Death" thing sorted out, I'll get right on it. Further more, mylife.txt will probably never upload here, but I do have it in pastebin as well as Clarity of Death, should you want to read it. I'll only post the link to mylife.txt, but you can get to Clarity of Death from there, as it's completely open to the public. The fog story is under complete reconstruction, 'cause I flubbed it big time. A complete rework of it will happen eventually. Pastebin for mylife.txt for those who care.

ENDY BIT: Why is this world filled with so many horrors was a very bad videogame creepypasta I wrote about 5 years ago. A week ago, it was taken down. About 5 years ago, I began the spin-off I have in mind for YDKWYLLTOPE. It was taken down one month after I uploaded the first half. My very earliest works are both dead. This has hurt me a little, but most of my early work (I only ever uploaded two of my three earliest works. The best was taken down in it's prime.) sucked. I take this as a sign to move on and better myself as a writer. I still do wish I had a copy of them, just for the nostalgia of it, but alas.

And then everyone was got. The end. (talk) 07:53, July 5, 2014 (UTC)