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  • PolishedFragment

    Here's some creepypasta ideas for you lazy bastards. ;)

    • A guy who goes to his friend's house to play a video game, and there is a sudden powercut. The power then comes back on, and weird stuff starts to happen.
    • The character enters a forest full of dead children, hung from the branches, and he eventually reaches an insane person tied up dead in an electric chair, a plastic bag over his head which has the words "NO MORE" written on it.
    • Cliche paradise, full of 666 books and hyper realism.
    • A guy reads a horror story, and whatever happens it happens in real life. Yet, he cannot stop reading it or he will be killed.
    • A guy adopts a kid, and allows him to play with some teddybears and stuff. When he checks on the kid, he's dead, with the TV showing s…
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  • PolishedFragment

    Worst Pastas?

    April 5, 2014 by PolishedFragment

    Hey. I'm in the mood for some bad pastas, so do you guys have any recomendations? 

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  • PolishedFragment

    A real shame

    November 17, 2013 by PolishedFragment

    Shame that good new creepypastas are being written. But I found two that weren't added to a category. I kindly added them to catogeries, but if a good creepypasta is deleted because it wasn't added to a category, that would really suck.

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