Okay, anyway,

I do know it's now been more than a day now, but, hey, everyone has things going on, right?

So, most of you that go on here, see adds from my country, (NZ), that represent the good parts. The natural wonders. but what they don't tell you, is all the things that actualy go on in real life here.

Here, everyone is starting to lose there jobs, Their homes. Here, in what they used to call, 'the clean green country', the rivers and streams are slowly being cloged up with trash and waste from the lazy people who cant be bothered. But, then again, I live in the North island, the south is where all the rich guys live. 

Thats all I'm gona say about me though, because I just found something.

If you have ever watched the pasta, 'Username 666', and thought all that was a myth? think again.

If you want to see for yourself the weird videos that guy made, just type up,

and scroll down to his very frist entrys. it's too bad, though, he only got to record 2 of User 666's videos.

post a comment on my blog, or message me if you've seen them too.