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Plaigiarism of multiple Creepypastas I have found a variety of many creepypastas on Quotev which appear to be directly copied from this wikia. The link is above. I have reported the story, however, just in case, I'll be putting up a blog post in order to notify the people on this wikia. I am still not completely sure whether these pastas where stolen, though I do not see any sort of credit given to the normal owners, and it is also unlikely that these were al written by the same person (being the contrast between writing styles, along with the fact that I already recognise a good amount of these pastas). However, I'll apologise in advance if this happens to be a misunderstanding. [Edit: I canot find the story now, meaning that it is most likely deleted. However, in case anyone's interested, the story (or set of stories) was previously named "Deaths Trap".]

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