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hey friends

My name is Tremayne. I'm from Utah and I like electronic music and digital art.

I created my account to comment on one specific pasta that I found to be particularly good. Now I figure I might as well see if there is still a thriving community here. I used to read creepypasta a lot more often, but it was back when I was younger, like Jr. High age, and one in particular (it was Squidwards Suicide , if anyone is wondering) kind of messed me up and, along with my generalized anxiety, I decided that these stories weren't worth the issues they were causing me, so I quit reading them for a few years. Nowadays they aren't as bad for my mental health as they used to be, so I can read them and not lose sleep. I am sad because I feel like I MAY have missed out on the peak of their popularity. Oh well. Maybe I'll end up writing a few myself, if I can get around to it.

Stay tuned.

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