So, quite recently, I've been trying to collect books that I'm interested in either on or off the internet, buying and collecting them, and planning to read them one by one. I already got up to 13 books on my mind, but my problem now is that I do not know any other books that I would even be interested in. My other problem is lack of money to buy the other books, but it's not like you guys can help with that, right?

My question now is if anyone of you, anyone at all, can tell me any books that you guys are interested in and/or are currently reading. Right now, I only have 3 books in possession, but I am quite certain I am looking for more to buy and read.

My Interests

I am quite interested on books mainly based on crime, mystery, or horror/thriller. I also like books on adventures and science fiction. 

I love the mystery of books and their puzzles and riddles, especially the way they show the clues. It is mainly used in crime and mystery which, I guess, would show why I really like books on the said topics. Horror books, on the other hand, are another preference of mine due to the fact that most novels or books on the topic show the different aspects of horror and how it is shown.

I fancy adventure books too because it has an essence of excitement to it most of the time. 

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this; any inputs is appreciated!