• I live in the Philippines.
  • I was born on January 1
  • I am Male
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    I've been inactive for quite a long time, which doesn't really matter, since I never contributed to the site that much, which is why I feel guilty asking for a favor from all of you guys. I have a friend who needs his stories to be reviewed, yet apparently, due to unknown reasons, his stories are like a hidden gem on most sites he posts on, which is why I came back here since you guys are such a great community filed with excellent reviewers and writers. With that said, the story can be found through this link. If this is not a legitimate blog post and should be deleted, I am quite sorry for my misunderstanding of the rules and etiquette. I'm not quite sure if advertising another story is "legal", but to try and make sure, I read the rules…

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    November 19, 2016 by PixCity

    Hello people!

    As we all know, population numbers are rising quite quickly which has led to a number of increasing problems such as the decreasing amount of unpopulated land, rise of consumption of water and food, and many others. It is not that surprising how overpopulation has led to these problems seeing that the numbers rose quite tremendously over the past few decades. Stats show that it took until 1960 to reach three billion, and yet, after only 56 years, that amount has more than doubled itself, reaching 7.4 billion as of today. 

    It certainly is a huge problem today which is why I want to write about it. I am planning to make a creepypasta on the horrid destination we will reach if overpopulation is not stopped, so I wanted to get a fe…

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    Book Suggestions, Anyone?

    November 2, 2016 by PixCity

    So, quite recently, I've been trying to collect books that I'm interested in either on or off the internet, buying and collecting them, and planning to read them one by one. I already got up to 13 books on my mind, but my problem now is that I do not know any other books that I would even be interested in. My other problem is lack of money to buy the other books, but it's not like you guys can help with that, right?

    My question now is if anyone of you, anyone at all, can tell me any books that you guys are interested in and/or are currently reading. Right now, I only have 3 books in possession, but I am quite certain I am looking for more to buy and read.

    I am quite interested on books mainly based on crime, mystery, or horror/thriller. I al…

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    I'm really interested in reviews and ever since I've created an account here on the wikia, I've been posting a few reviews on some rather short stories that I stumble upon by clicking the "Random Pasta" button, and to be honest I think my reviews are sub-par and inaccurate. 

    Can anyone please help me improve by telling me tips about reviews or stories in general and what to look out for? I am interested to talk to anyone about it, so please don't be shy! I really want to help authors around this site by posting quite helpful reviews on their stories, so I would fully appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

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    Worst fears, anyone?

    October 8, 2016 by PixCity

    I'm curious to see what many creepypasta readers are afraid of, since many readers either like literature or like horror, or just both, from what I've noticed.

    Mine, personally, is the fear of darkness. Well, not really the dark itself, but what I see in the dark. Whenever it's pitch black, I always see (or imagine) a face right in front of me just staring into my eyes.

    How about you? 

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