Ehy, fellas ^^ 

I'm not new in this place, althought I've never written anything. 

I'm an admin of the Creepypasta Italia Wiki , so I decided to come here and introduce myself because I want to try to take part of your community. Unfortunately, I don't speak english very well. So... excuse me if I err in some grammatical/orthographic rule, or if I confuse a word with an other. I understand what you say, but I have a lot of problems to answer you ^^" I'll do my better to ensure that it is easy to communicate with me. 

I really pray you to correct me when I'm wrong. I know all the rules of the wiki, indeed I was inspired by your regulations for the our.

I hope my stay here is good, but I'm sure of this ;)

As you may have figured out, I'm italian. I live in a big island in the Mediterranean Sea, in Sardinia ^^ It's a very special place: idilliac beaches, green hills and an old culture linked with the many conquering nations in the past. We had indoeuropean settlements, Phoenician, Roman, Vandal, Arabic, Spanish ones etc.

I became admin of the CIV some months ago, after a long period in which the old admins were inactive. I came and I tried to raise it again. With some friends of the Creepypasta Forum we're doing it, but we have a lot of work to do, but we are on track.

Then, I go to read some pastas, see you in chat ^^