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    May 5, 2013 by PinkiepieXD99

    Hello, fellow creepypasta fans! IT IS I... PINKIEPIEXD99!!!! And im going to review Creepypasta!

    You might as well know right off the bat that my favorite pasta is.... JEFF THE KILLER!!! (andsmile.jpg)

    I am a fangirl, but not THAT crazy... just a little! 


    It's realistic (somewhat) i mean it's better than some other horror stories about aliens, robots, giant cats, etc...

    Anyway! It's somehow relatable to me... (yeah... im insane, but i wont hurt anyone... how reassuring...) like, im 13, so was jeff, he had bullies, i have bullies. i can almost feel jeffs pain when liu gets sent off to JDC... so touching!!!

    and the end was amazing, a cliffhanger! but the fans keep him going by making art, comics, sequals, prequals, *shiver* …

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