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    May 20, 2013 by PinkiePieXD99
    This is another one of my favorite pastas! Smile.jpg/ is a .jpg file containing a picture of either a "dog" in  a dimly lit room and a hand extending from the left side, this photo is the recreation. The other .jpg is of a husky in the same dimly lit room with the same hand. Both "dogs" have a large grin across their faces, and they both have human-like, sharp, and bloody teeth.

    Both of these pictures are said to cause acute anxiety, and insomnia. The pasta itself is about a woman who views the .jpg and has nightmares and visions of the "dog" she keeps quiet for 15 years, then finally gets visited for an interveiw, but when he arrives, she locks herself in the bathroom. After he leaves she comes out and later gets…

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