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  • My occupation is Baking cakes
  • I am Mare
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    Rainbowdash And I

    October 3, 2012 by PinkamenaPastas

    I glanced upon her scarred face as she gave me back a horrified look. She still remembers the past.

    "Forget about the past Rainbow......Just look into the future." I remarked dreamily yet sharply.

    "All I See in the future is me finally getting rid of YOU!" She spat, staring directly in my eyes.

    I frowned. "I only wanted help baking, I already KNEW you would come back!"

    She harshly pushed my chest, backing me away from herself. "Yeah RIGHT! And, how did you know!?"

    I giggled maniacly. "Oh, I guess just the physics of SCIENCE....that's all...." I grabbed her hoove. "Now every time I kill you.....You'll still be here......good as new......."

    "But WHY Pinkie?!" Her crimson eyes watered. Man, aren't they REMARKABLE?

    "Oh, it's out of lo…

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