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  • PinkGhost062

    Hey everyone it's PinkGhost again and I have an important question to ask.

    I took the feedback from the Writer's Workshop board to edit and revise my story The Endless Hypothermia and posted my new changes to the board again for another review. I never got feedback so I just assumed it was fine as is and I posted it on the Wiki.

    Now I noticed that as soon as I did that it was marked for review, I was utterly confused because the reasons it was marked were for the exact same things I had already fixed for the story. I decided to wait a little bit and see if an administrator would eventually just realize this and remove it. I even noticed that another user was correcting a few errors which I didn't mind as long as the story wasn't altered.


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  • PinkGhost062

    Hello guys,

    I submitted my original story, The Endless Hypothermia, on the Writer's Workshop board and got extremely helpful feedback. I spent the last few days I could editing and correcting some of the mistakes to refine and put the best version out there.

    I posted the edited version for review up on the board now. Let me know what you think.

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  • PinkGhost062

    Hello everyone,

    I am attempting to post my first story on this website and I am having trouble doing so. At first I had to edit the title because it was exactly like a previous pasta, so it was no big deal. But after I did some last minute editing it was rejected because it was a blacklisted subject, I understand that serial killer stories are overdone but I genuinely put in effort to make the most unique story possible and I want it to be given a chance.

    If I can't submit it here no matter what, where could I post it? I already tried and it took way too long as no one would review and I gave up.

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