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    Halloween Costumes

    October 25, 2011 by Pikachugirl2

    So, what's everyone going to be for Halloween? :3

    I was originally going to be Princess Peach and stalk little kids, asking them if they've seen Mario, but I never found a costume that A. Would fit, or B. Was in the price range I was looking for. So, just for the sake of carrying around a toy machine gun, I'm going to just wear a Curly Brace (Cave Story) cosplay I made forever ago. It'll be fun watching little kids ask if it's real.

    What are you guys gonna be? c:

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  • Pikachugirl2

    Okay, so yes, being an aspiring journalist and the like, obviously I'd be a grammar nazi in a few aspects.

    I'd just like to put out there right now, if anyone would like me to edit or revise their pages/pastas to fix the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, I'd be more than happy to. It's nice practice for me in the revising category, and in the end, your pasta will look much nicer and neater. I'd also be willing to add onto a pasta story-wise, or edit some parts here and there to improve upon the overall plot, if you'd like as well.

    I'm currently going on a rampage of fixing the spelling mistakes and grammar errors of every mistake-riddled pasta I come across, so if you'd like yours fixed as well, feel free to toss me the link and let …

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