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I wanna make a pasta!

Pikaboss November 2, 2013 User blog:Pikaboss

So... you think I'm a noob for titling this "I wanna make a pasta"... well screw you. Shut up and read the pasta.

OH MY GOD!!!!! I heard a deafening scream, making my ears ring for a while. I turned to look and... darkness. I suddenly felt limp, and I fell. "So this is what it feels like to be unconscious", I thought in my deep sleep. What seemed like only seconds, well, I didn't know exactly how long it was. I just knew that something was wrong, and I didn't remember a thing that happened in the last year... I still don't to this day. All I think of is a name: "Emily". Was she my beloved? Or someone, no someTHING, else?

Light. My eyes felt like they were tearing up, though I strangely didn't feel, well, something was missing from my face. But what was it? IDK. I just know that everywhere I went, people looked at me strangely and ran away. ...? What was going on? Suddenly, everything had a reddish tint. What the...

I HATE this! Ah, iT HurTs! I wOke up thiS MoRninG, and mY leFt arm wAs gonE! What'S happening?! I lo0ked iN tHe miRroR, and I coUldn'T see a ThiNg!

My life is a waste. "Emily" is Satan! I HATE MY ENTIRE LIFE IT'S A SCREW-UP! I woke with no eyes, the reddish tint was blood! I would wake up every morning, my body slowly fading away. Be weary, reader, for this message is demonic, and I would advise you not to read. You are in great peril. Don't gimme that bull about "this is fake". I know you're just trying to relieve yourself. That's what I said also. For you have the same fate as well.

Sidenote- I know you're looking for comfort, maybe, for me to say that this isn't real. Let me tell you, if I told you that, I'd be lying. Always watch your back, never be unaware. Always remain alert.

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