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Introductions MUST Be Made ;)

Sup People ;) My Name's Phantom P. Insanity but you can just call me Phantom. (The P stands Pure) I've always been fascinated with CreepyPastas and the paranormal. When i found the wiki and read some of the "stories" like Laughing Jack and such, i just HAD to join. I even have my own Creepypasta OC =3 xP i will admit that i have had a few other accounts in the past and i MAAAAY have forgotten the passwords to them...hehe  ^-^" Yaaa. My true name is Dianna and while i have a surprisinly mature mind for my age, i'm only 14 years old. My birthday is December 28th, and i am a soon to be graduating 8th grader. My top 3 hobbies are 1.) Singing 2.) Artisim and 3.) Writing, I may seem just seem like a very energetic, slightly weird (in a good way) innocent girl. While some of that IS true.... i have a dark side as well which i PROMISE you, you NEVER want to see. There's a certain reason why i'm so mature for my age, which you'll know soon enough. But for now, i can't WAIT to get to know everyone on the community better ;) Oh!!! One last thing before i go. It's sorta like my signature line x3

<3 I'm ONE Mystery You'll NEVER Solve ;)

Pure Insanity

You Think YOUR Insane? HAH!! That's A Laugh. You Were MADE into Insanity. Me? i was BORN into it.

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