Hello Everyone, My name is Perturbed Maverick! Proud owner of the Scarypasta Wiki!

Let's cut to the chase!

A Friend of mine has  a remarkable Idea for a new pasta!


Here it is WORD FOR WORD.

1. 87 Cyber Criminals from New York City Establish a "Local police station" and infiltrate the NYPD Contact board, In which the 9/11 calls actually go to THEM instead!

2. After a mother and 5 kids have been Robbed at home By 2 men, The mother decides to call 9/11......

3. The Cyber Criminals, Posing as The NYPD Operation Team, Answer.

4. *snickers* "Hello, This is the NYPD, what is your emergency?".

5.After the Mother answers, and tells these Men where she was Calling from, The Cyber criminals come to her house and Murders Her and her Children.

6. These crimes would persist Until One of the men, blows their cover after Injuring himself during a home invasion, and was forced to Tell the F.B.I of their Whereabouts, and how they managed to tamper with the System.

7. Thus, 23 out of the 87 criminals were apprehended for their crimes, while the remaining 64 men had dug a Hole in the ground and escape.

8. After a Tunnel Collapse underground, The men were trapped and eventually died from the amount of dust and particles inhaled.

9. The F.B.I would eventually find the criminally owned base, and Destroy it as a result of it being "An Eye Sore" Towards the people of New york.

10.  The Bodies of the Deceased Troublemakers are found, and are thrown into the Hudson River as a result.


NOTE: This friend of mine is only "14 years of age" So please, I don't want to see any Outlandish Comments below, Understand?