Aloha, Creepians! My Name Is Perturbed Maverick, and I Proudly Present a BRAND NEW WIKI in which was Established upon The Forgotten Corpse of The "Spinpasta 2.0 Wiki"!  

The Unofficial Name for This newly Established Wiki, Is The "Scarypasta Wiki". 

As Corny and super duper cheesy the name of the site sounds, it is a great achievement for Me and a few other Admins who had helped reach Our Ultimate Goal of creating a Site Dedicated To The Works of Fiction/Non-Fiction Horror! There are quite a few Renditions To The Wiki aswell , in which diffrentiates from The "FlagShip Wiki"(Creepypasta Wiki) in many ways! One Of Those Changes, Being that Chat is now up and running! The staff for the wiki Are programmed to treat members Kindly.

EX: Our Quality Standards are....Well, "Less Scrict". Meaning that Mediocre storytellers are given a second chance whenever their stories turn out Bad!

EX 2: Anonymous Contributors who Purposely VANDALIZE the wiki in any way, will be facing a 10 HOUR BAN.

EX 3: Oh, and in continuation with The First Example! Whenever a story is criticised for Being "too Mediocre", Critics are required to Give suggestions to the author of that particular story, along with A Link to a story similiar to that one!

Last But Not least: IF this wiki fails........WE as a community, Fail.

Thank You----The Scarypasta Wiki Family