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    Dark Dreams: Daniela P.

    December 13, 2011 by PedoBearTime

    My pillow is soaked, i'm not sure what it is but it smells like iron. when i get out of bed i feel weak, as if i was nothing just an empty vessle. i stumble to the mirror were the lit canelabra stood, i was never sure how it got there or how had lefted it for me... but in that moment i didn't care. As i pick up the candelabra, wax slowly drips down onto my hands. i bring the candle up to my face, the hot, gloomy light revels what had been all over my bed and face. Blood. i dropped the candelabra and in the moment the lights flicker on and off then they finally stay on brighter then any light ever beffore. it take what seems like decades for my eyes to adjust to the lights... i almost wished it took longer. in the mirror i can see a figure …

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