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I've been board for quite a while so while searching the internet I found Creepypata. I have read many before I created an acount so if it seems like I haven't read many you will alreadey know. Before I found creepypasta I loved to play Video Games, so naterally my first Creepypasta was Ben Drowned. I loved the story, so I looked for more. I love the Zelda games (even though I only played 3) and have played those 3 so many times. I also love anime especially the fighting ones. I don't watch the main ones, only the ones that are on Netflix. I have a best friend but she will be at camp for another 3-4 days (excuding Thursday, today) so I will probably be here for a long time. I will be here if a. I'm board or b. I want to read stuff. I do not care if you think of me as weird because I apreciate being wierd. Bye!

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