Have you ener had a dream where you were in a video game? I had a dream last night. It was like a video game. It was my birthday but it was in the summer at the woods. I had a brother named Mark and he was 13. He had short brown hair and light brown eyes. He had glasses and was about my hight. We were walking through the woods when all of the sudden there was a house. The house had a normal roof, blue paint, 2 windows, and a door. It was simple. Mark had went in while I hesitantly follwed him. After we were in, a picture of Slenderman from Creepypasta land showed up then a game over screen. The second time Mark wasn't there. Have you ever seen the episode where Bart goes to a rap concert called Murder 4 Life? Well Murder 4 Life was going to go to the woods, so I went with them. I had gotten out of the ride and avoided the house. Somehow I got through the gate that was after it. After the gate there was a bridge with a bomb. Sadly I did not make it. Slendermans picture showed up again. The third time there was no Mark or Murder 4 Life. Only me. It had started the same,  avoided the house, got through the gate, but this time I got over the bridge. After the bridge there was a water slide that reminded me of Temple Run 2. After I went in the slide I ran for a little bit before I got out of the forest. My dream was weird. It had some Simpsons, one of my wants, Creepypasta land, Creepypasta, and a house that I liked.