Her day started well - she arrived at school early and had completed all of her homework on time for once. She met her friends at the side gate as usual then had a smoke. Then the bell went and off signalling their descent into hell. They all went their separate ways and went to class.

The day went smoothly but she felt that she was being watched - the buildings were all old and creepy. She went from class to class ‘til lunch time came around and she ran to the side gate to find her friends. They all went to the shop and then went back to the school.

They went into the canteen and that’s where they saw the girl. she had dark hair, her skin was pale, she had yellow eyes and She was wearing a torn Victorian dress which was covered in mud and blood. All she was doing was staring at the group but the only one who saw her had run out of the canteen and had gone home.

Now 4 years later as the girl sits at home all that she hears is a child talking saying that all her soul is like forbidden fruit of the devil as the child stares into her eyes.