I dont know what to say. I am a normal girl you see. I was just walking in the woods one day. Bored. And then all of a sudden i tripped over something. When i got up. A girl with Bright red hair was looking at me. I smiled at her and asked her if she was lost. It was a bad idea. Next thing i know i am slammed onto a tree. I try to get up but i cant move at all. She walks over to me and smiles sickly. Then i feel a pain in my arm. She stabbed it. I gasp at this and she starts stabbing it like a crazy person. I let tears out. She then stopped. You are now my proxy. Tell them that Paralyze is coming for them. Tell them that they will not stand a chance against me." She said in a spooky dark voice. It gave me the chills. "GO!" she yelled. I ran off. To the city i lived in. She told me to make a wiki creepy pasta account. She told me to spread her word. This was all just a week ago. But she told me her other story. The story of how she became.

It was a sunny summer day and Keely was with her step mom and her dad. She was at the pool swimming around when she heard a soft voice in her mind. 'Come to the woods...' it whispered. Keely looked at the woods and then her eyes widened. She needed to be in there. She knew she needed to go in there. She got out of the pool, didnt bother to dry off and walked into the woods. "Hello?" She called. Out of nowhere she was tackled to the ground. Something then bit her. She became paralyzed. But she moved her arms little by little. All of a sudden. She was able to move and she grabbed her pocket knife she always keeps with her and stabbed the thing in the face. Whatever it was. It died. Keely started to feel dizzy. She then fainted. When she woke up she was still in the deep dark forest. She quickly pulled her bloody knife out. She saw a squirl and starred at it. It froze and squeaked for help. She then stabbed it. She didnt know where she was going. But she had a good feeling in her stomach. She then found a mansion. When she knocked on the door. A tall man with no face in a black suit and tie was there. "Come on in, we have been waiting for you..."