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    I dont know what to say. I am a normal girl you see. I was just walking in the woods one day. Bored. And then all of a sudden i tripped over something. When i got up. A girl with Bright red hair was looking at me. I smiled at her and asked her if she was lost. It was a bad idea. Next thing i know i am slammed onto a tree. I try to get up but i cant move at all. She walks over to me and smiles sickly. Then i feel a pain in my arm. She stabbed it. I gasp at this and she starts stabbing it like a crazy person. I let tears out. She then stopped. You are now my proxy. Tell them that Paralyze is coming for them. Tell them that they will not stand a chance against me." She said in a spooky dark voice. It gave me the chills. "GO!" she yelled. I ra…

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