Am I the only one that finds it so amusing of the crimes that are being commited in the name of Creepypastas. The girls decided that they wanted to become Slender's proxies, but none of them thought about the characters themselves did they?

Nope. Not at all. Think of it like this, I might be one of the crazy people in the world that believes this stuff. But that doesn't mean I'm going to murder my best friend because with common sense I know that it's impossible. Why would they decide to take in common minded mortals who can't look past their own existance to realize there's more to this universe?

They wouldn't. So why even bother, when the day comes that they do come to our planet, and believe me, they will. Then we'll see for ourselves how Slender's proxies are chosen. We're not like them, take a look none of them are human. Jeff and Jane? Someone explain to me how they can still be alive, being burned alive? Cutting off your own eyelids, your eyeballs would dry out quickly, and there's only been one person that I've encountered to think about Jeff raiding houses for eyedrops in order to keep his eyes healthy. 

What's wrong with society, and the reason these are happening is because we can't look past our own existence. It's a selfish act, we don't take other beings into consideration, just the stupidity of what we've created them to be. These are all creations, someone created all of the things that we fear. Get enough people to believe in something and it becomes reality. 

There's a lot of dark corners in the universe, our universe isn't that old, it's just learning to get out of its diapers. There's more to come, and honestly, I don't think that the world is ready to realize what could possibly be in the depths of the dark. For the dark harbors many things.