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"Faceless" Information

I still have no idea if I will be posting Faceless but if you want to know more about it then this is the place to come to. I have never really had a blog so I have no idea what I am doing... Anyways, Faceless. Katy Brooks is an unusual 13 year old girl. She reads the same book over and over, she only leaves her house for school, and she has a very unique clothing fashion. Of course her peers spread rumors about her, but she doesn't seem to mind one bit. But the most unusual thing about Katy, is an odd scar located on her right arm. It was a circle with an X through it. Everyone asked her about it and Katy would respond; It's none of your business. The truth was, Katy didn't even know where she got the scar.

Yes, the scar is the Creepypasta symbol! It's not good, I know that but I don't want any cyber bullying going on around here! I don't care if you say it sucks but don't be like: You should go kill yourself! That kind of behavior is stupid and I will assume you're a 10 year old kid talking shit because you have nothing better to do. So yeah, tell me if you want me to post Faceless or not. I really don't care...