My sisters friend just moved in.She is really nice,I know her brother.My house has always had a ghost it isn't that big a deal.It has always been there.But ever since she has moved in.It has been showing its self more than usual.Now it has always opened doors for the cat,if the cat wants to get inside a room and no one is around it will end up opening by itself.Pretty creepy,but not that much to me.

We are not very rich,we live in a  duplex in housing.But for a house in housing ,it is a really good .We have a computer room.And the computer along with the computer chair is right next to the door.I heard the cat meowing to get inside.But I was playing a game so I was to focused.As I am playing the game,I hear the door creek open along with hearing the doorknob turn.Like I said I am used to that stuff,but hering it and seeing it was a whole nhouseother experiance for me!

It is pretty cool to have a ghost in your house actually.But sometimes it does creep me out.Me and Nicole (My sisters friend) were sitting on the couch in the living room,on our laptops.Literally out of nowhere as I was on facebook,the internet went out?!?!The internet box was behind the couch on the floor.We picked it up and saw it was not on,which confused us,we were on it all night.As we checked for the plug it was on the floor not plugged in.You may think that we were over exaggerating and that it just fell.Think about it,No music,No tv,just silence.It was a huge adapter that fell,and we did not hear it?This is all I am going to tell you for today.