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Unforgiving Platium

Ozex Games November 25, 2013 User blog:Ozex Games

I bought pokemon platium when it launched after I beat the game. I checked my team, Lvl: 73 Torterra, Lvl: 62 Luxray, Lvl: 67 Honchkrow, Lvl: 59 Medicam, Lvl: 61 Giratina, and a Lvl: 65 Abomasnow. It was a killer team. I learned that you could migrate pokemon from leaf geen to Platium. I was so excited because my Leaf Green had really good pokemon. I had a Lvl: 65 Venusaur, Lvl: 61 Clefable, Lvl: 60 Pidgeot, Lvl: 55 Snorlax, Lvl: 54 Primeape, and a Lvl: 53 Zapdos. I migrated them to Platium. I replaced my team to my leaf green team. I loved my leaf green team. I constantly played them. Thats when the weird stuff happened. I went into my PC box to level my platium team. No pokemon. I checked all the boxes. The last box had 17 unknowns in them. I decoded them: We hate you so we left. "This was a prank" I thought. I went downstairs to yell at my younger sister, she must have played my game and released all my pokemon and caught 17 unknown. After I yelled at her I realized that she didn't do it. I decided to look on the internet to find anything similar stuff. I found one thing: 'I found my pokemon platium game last week and noticed that my regular team was gone. I had only the pokemon I had in my pokemon saphire game. I checked my PC and saw a box full of unknowns saying: We released ourselfs neglecter. Weird. I checked my PC again and noticed that a new unknown message was there: We are the Unforgiving Platium. I haven't figured out why this happend to me. Its just a pixelated game there is no way in hell that pokemon have feelings or some bullcrap. Please let me know what you think about this. This really happend to me.

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