I was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm not sure if this really happend. The doctor said that schizophrenia and an active memory would cause many illusions and gave me a strong medication. I woke up a couple of days ago and I haven't slept since. I played on my SNES for awhile. I beat the only game I had Mario 64. The thought of video games made me imagine that I lived in one. There is no store in my town so I ventured to the neighboring town a little larger than mine. When I reached the store I tried to speak to the cashier but no words come out. The cashier looked at me realizing I can't speak. He said "What would you like to by?" handing me a notebook. I wrote 'SNES Games' and showed him the notebook. "I have a couple of new releases would you like to see them". I wrote 'yes'. He handed me Earthbound, Megaman, and Legend Of Zelda. I had $500 from my 10th birthday. I bought them all and headed back to my house so excited to play them. Video games how I love them. I beat them all in a matter of days. I have completely forgot what my voice sounded like by now. Even my conceded friend started to dislike me. I remeber sleeping for a couple of days nonstop. I dreamed about being the best video gamer in the country. I woke up and went down stairs my mom told me that dad had a work trip and he won't be coming home anytime soon. Being bored I walked up stairs to my room and started up my SNES. I played for a while, I think a couple of days has pasted. I decide to go outside for awhile to reaserch some animals. I walked to the town's border and step in the tall grass, I hear a yell from my doctor "Red don't go in the tall grass it's dangerous!"