Me and my friends saved up enoght money to take a bus to a mine that has become a great tourist attraction. When we got being the sneaky kids we are trailed off into a diffrent area. I've always wanted to look in the Homesteak Gold Mine. After a while we saw a sign 'Public access is not allowed turn back now'. We went in anyway. We climbed down the latter. We knew that scientists were working on the discovery on Dark Matter so we thought it would be interesting to poke around. It looked very futureistic like. We heard a loud alarm and a intercom message ' ALL PERSONEL EVAC TO EMERGENCY SHELTERS PRISONER #398 HAS ESCAPED REPEAT PRISONER #398 HAS ESCAPED!" We started to panic. We had know idea on were the 'emergency shelter' was. We split up me and Jorden and Beth and Jax. We went right they went left. Ater a half in hour of running we finally found one. We needed an access code. I stared to jam random buttons but then I unlocked it typing 2514. It opened then I heard Jordan yell 'ok be right there' and ran off. I went in thinking that he heard Jax and Beth. I locked the door pulled out my phone and texted him the passcode. Then I called 911. I told them the problem and the opperator said help is on the way. I was picking at my green shirt. I threw my hat across the room. It wads weird that no one was in here but me. I glanced to my phone for a bit and noticed the door was open. I turned around seeing me. It was me or at least it looked like me. He smiled. I saw Jorden's phone in his hands. I noticed a knife in the other hand, a bloody knife. He finally said "You shouldn't have done that Link."