• Owen A Ryder

    Dead smile

    November 19, 2013 by Owen A Ryder

    My friend dared me to look up smile dog J.P.G. on the computer and I did but an hour after that I got a weird email on my computer with smile dog's image. The words read, "Spread the word." I wrote back to smile dog saying, "What is the word?" Two minutes later smile dog replied, "The word is Smile Dog's going to get you." Then I rode my skateboard from Portland to Westbrook to see my friend. Finally, I arrived at his house and I said to him, "Spread the word." He replied, "What's the word?" and I told him, "Smile Dog is going to get you." I went home and I looked up Smile Dog J.P.G's entry on the computer. I looked under his personality and it read very dangerous and it said he has a demonic voice and has teeth that can rip people limb f…

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