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My First Pasta

I just created my first creepypasta.

It took a lot of work and research to get it to at least be believable. I hoping it becomes at least as popular as the Smiling Cat. There is a special meaning behind the name Angelina Ernesta. It loosely translates to "angel of death," which she is. She murders those who trespass on what she has claimed as her ship. I suppose she's a type of demonic spirit, and I'm adoring my creation. I left a lot of her features to the individual reader to decide for a reason, and this is so the reader can develop their own horrible ice spirit. I will, however, draw her in the future and post the picture for the world to see as soon as I'm happy with it.

And to those who would like to critique me, please keep it constructive and remember this is only my first pasta.

Sweet nightmares!

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