One of the big issues currently being talked about on this site are the genres of stories that ad
His Eye
ministrators wish to restrict. I'm fully behind the move so that OC is more predominant than spinoff stories and cliche ridden genres like lost episodes and game stories.

I had an idea and I don't know if it's worth considering.

Should we create a litmus test for stories of the genres that we wish to limit?

We could create a list of the prominent cliches in these stories (hyper realistic eyes, haunted cartridge etc) and assign them points like they do on Mary Sue litmus tests. We could rate stories against it.

It could be used by writers to avoid writing cliche ridden stories in the first place.

I'm aware we have writing guides and that admins already know what to look out for. This is just an idea i'm throwing out there.

Orenios (talk) 22:14, January 31, 2013 (UTC)