• OpticalChaos

    Favoright pastas

    August 3, 2012 by OpticalChaos

    Most beginners to creepy pasta dont know what to look for so they usually get some random Troll pasta and are ruined from it so heres my favoritein order favorite to least favorite

    1.The Slender Man: All details are in the page he is my most recent obsession and there and in fact many Creepy pastas about him

    2.Masterpiece: a classic monster story One of the first Creepy Pastas i read and it still gets to me

    3Marble Hornets: Youtube series about Slenderman this is the cause on my lack in sleep

    4.The Rake: like creepy monsters at the end of your bed? so do I..

    5.Smile.Dog: Spread the word...

    6.BEN: its a long read but it scared me because you can still talk to him on Cleverbot

    7.Jeff The Killer: His picture has been floating around for awhile and i…

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