aka Ashlyn Nicole (Carlile)

  • I live in Small town in North Carolina.
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Too young for one, so middle school.
  • I am I consider myself a male but, am physically a female.
  • Onlybabyscars


    September 19, 2013 by Onlybabyscars

    Okay, so. I'm Ashlyn, I guess. My last name isn't Nicole nor Carlile. I'm thirteen actually. But, I see myself as mature for my age. I like music, writing, and keeping to myself. I have clinical depression, so I let my feelings out in twisted writing. (As creepy as it sounds). All I live for is bands actually. Not money bands or whatever swagfags call them. Like, the inspirtational bands. I love, love, love, Pierce the Veil. Very mainstream and upfront. But, y'know they make me happy and give me a reason to smile. Same with Bring me the Horizon.

    But, nonetheless. I'm just Ashlyn. And if you EVER feel sad, come talk to me? I know this is just a writing website for twisted/creepy/morbid ideas. Someone needs a friend once in a while, right?


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