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  • My occupation is Anything that happens to catch my warped sense of intrest...
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  • Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma

    Really Sick

    December 16, 2014 by Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma


    Not a cold.

    Probably a stomach virus.

    Threw up.

    Colds don't make you throw up.

    Gummy bears and chocolate don't either.

    Viruses do.

    I feel like sleeping.

    Don't wanna.

    Da says I have to, if I wanna get better.

    Gonna listen to the advice of 47 year old man with 5 kids of which I am one of.

    Not a good idea.

    Chicken soup sounds good.

    -puts aside gummy bears-

    Now I really wanna sleep.

    -snags pillow-

    Blogging tomorrow.


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  • Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma


    December 16, 2014 by Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma

    I feel really sick.

    Might have caught something.

    Thinking it might be a normal cold.

    But colds go away, right?

    I'm not really sure.

    Blog posts are just my random thoughts.


    Hope it goes away soon.

    Hate staying in bed.

    I know people like sick days, but I don't like it so much.

    Have miss work cuz of it.

    I want some chocolate.

    Chocolate is the answer to everything.

    And gummy bears...

    -noms gummy bears-

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  • Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma


    December 16, 2014 by Oni Cress Scarlet Enigma

    Kinda new at this thing.

    Don't know what to do.


    I hate being confused like this.

    Love Pasta and Homestuck.

    That's it.

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