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Metal Gear Solid: Real Screaming Mantis

Old Player December 28, 2011 User blog:Old Player
Well, Everybody knows about Metal Gear series well I had to say I love Metal Gear Solid, Snake is badass everybody has to accept that. I still keep playing but I doubt still playing since what happen with Screaming Mantis.... It was 10/04/10. Like always i was playing some videogames after finish my H.W. So Was there chilling with MGS4 and I was on the final chapter (Btw is hard) so I was there playing to get fight with Screaming Mantis, finnally when I beat her so hard with her costume, but something wierd and strange happen when she get out of his suit... She jump high and with a kick that give to Snake in the neck, she begin to shock Snake until he die but instead appering the game over menu... Mantis start to search Snake´s stuff... she took out a knife, Snake´s combat knife. I was like "I don´t like where all this is going", I was right unnfortunately, because Mantis stab Snake in the upperchest and open it until then she start eating all his guts I hear Snake screaming horrible, painfull screaming like real person get reap out his guts that you keep remembering and it cant stop, I said to myself "What the hell I am seeing this is not right", I cant even move and walk away, I was there glued in the floor only thing I can do was just sit there and watch the madness. So she finish of eat all his guts, she took out a gun and shoot Snake in the face until he get reaped all horrible, I was in shock in what i was seeing and ask myself if this was real later she stop and was looking at the screen, she was staring at me like saying in his eyes, " You are next...". She star to scream that scream was horrible terrifying and it was painful in my ears i couldnt it take anymore and from the nothin my Ps3 shut down. I was scared.. really scared I go to the bed that night thinking " I was seeing that for real". Nex day with a friend we checked if my disk was really hacked or mess up.... It was not... All what could think was "what the hell is happening to me?" so I didnt play for 5 months Metal Gear Solid 4, for what happen to me, but then I decide to keep moving on beacuase that will not stop me playing again, and I start playing again. But I never forget what happen that day in 10/04/10 with Screaming Mantis...

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