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My mildly disturbing dream and the Morning After it

Welllllll, to start off I usually dont dream at all. In fact, before this dream the last one I had was at age 10 (3 years ago). It unnerved me at the least, mostly due to my actions in the morning when I woke up.

In my dream, I was laying in bed like normal. The room was completely dark, except for the light of the hallway (i dont know why it was on). Suddenly, I fucking hear rapid footsteps around my room. They sounded like what a bug would make if it was the size of a human. Then, they got closer, and closer, and closer, then stopped at the foot of my bed. I assume they crawled under it or whatever, due to my actions in the morning.Edit

The next morning when I woke up first, my mom was in the room, getting ready to school me (I am homeschooled). I vaguely remember, but she said I raised up with a scared/shocked expression, looked at her and said, "I felt something under my bed.." and immediately fell back asleep, waking up about 2 hours later.

Seriously, what the fuck happened. O_O


I found a liquor store......and I drank it. 23:04, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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