Okay, so here it is. Honestly, what's so good about COD(Call Of Duty)? Its a game about war, which is obviously not a very good idea in my opinion, which depicts war scenes,etc. Now, some fans will say "I like it cause its realistic". If you want it to be realistic, amd enjoy that shit(which is pretty grotesque to enjoy o.o) then get off your lazy bum and fight for our country, not sit around all day playing war games and cussing off other kids. Im 13 , but i can honestly say f*** these games nowadays. I personally love n64, NES, all those nostalgic game systems. The best part? They dont have horrible war games where the man objective is killing. Also, these games(COD) happen to occur in the time periods of horrible wars like WW2. You know, with the whole hitler killing jews and nazi shit. But why, make a game that would bring back horrible memories? It might be fun on the system, but in real life war is a horrible thing to witness. Im sure atleast some veterans are disgusted by these games depicting the bloody wars they fought in. That'd be like, say; if you were mugged/raped/almost murdered by some crazy dude, would you want it turned into a video game where people have fun reliving your horrible experiance? I'd hope not. Basically, this is pointing out all the shit in and about, Call Of Duty. Sorry if i offend any fans, but this is the truth in my eyes. Expect more rants from me.

-God 05:20, January 14, 2012 (UTC)