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  • I live in Texas, U.S.A
  • My occupation is Writer, Minecraft skin designer
  • I am Female
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    Ideas, Desisions...

    September 5, 2014 by ONe-of-nOne

    Hello there, I know this is probably very stereotypical and overwritten, but I need


    Right now, my two characters Lyric and Glitch are coming up on their one-year anniversary, but I am hardly in a mood to celebrate this occasion. Why? I am in a predicament, friends. Here is my current situation:

    I have been planning to update their appearances for quite some time now, and I already am halfway through this process. It's just that I've done everything on paper instead of typing it up like every other goddamn thing I do. Because I'm an idiot. This includes their full-body refs and face refs, and the rough drafts of their backstories, which took a painstaking 4 months in total. So by now I'm guessing you've either already clicked off onto ano…

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