• Nuka000

    The Slender Man

    August 19, 2012 by Nuka000

    This blog is about the slender man and the slender man only!

    In this blog we will be talking about how the slender man became to be and who he is and the basics about "Slendy."

    "The Slender Man" for as far as I know is a ghost,that came out in 2012 but i was looking up on him and it seems to be that he was spotted in the 20 century,here is one artcile that I have found."The Prospector" "Two kids kidnapped,eye witnesses say they saw a "tall slender faceless man with long lender arms wearing a black suite and a red tie" two weeks later they found one of the kids bodys it says the body apreered to have no face and larger wounds on its back and legs,till this day they have not found the other body. No one knows if "slendy" exsixt or not,but peo…

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