Hello. I am now running a contest where the contestants make creepypastas of creepypasta-like Pokemon games. The used game must be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky. You can earn points, too. The types of points you can get are scary points and hilarity points. So, there are two ways to win: by getting your creepypasta to have the most scary points; or the same thing, except with hilarity points instead of scary points.

Scary point earners:

Weird Pokemon - 1 point

Player dies from overly-violent Unown attack - 3 points

Picture that shows how scary one part was - 2 points

Weird NPC - 1 point

Game can read your thoughts and actually enters real life - 4 points

Zalgo - 2 points

Hilarity point earners:

Turtwig that tells jokes - 1 point

Sudden random Zalgo - 1 point

Trainer that has loads of Mudkips - 2 points

Skeleton dancing at a scary point - 3 points

A random field of random Pokemon - 2 points

Dittoception - 1 point

Cliches are allowed. Make entry and reply to this blog post with link for review.