Some things just get under your skin and you don't know why. For most people that don't like dolls it's just one of those thing. For me, not so much. I've seen my sister's baby dolls fall apart and get forgotten. She loved them so much and then lost interest. Can you even imagine what life would be like if we treated people like that. I know that they're not people but I guess we're naturally supposed to react to faces and anything in the shape of an infant in a sentimental way. So it makes sense that baby dolls might illicit a strong emotional reaction. I suppose in that respect I'm not that different from those creepy middle women who carry around super realistic dolls modeled after real infants.

Maybe it all started with Toy Story. That was absolutely my facortie movie as a kid. I must have watched it a million times. Woody the cowboy was my favorite character. I still get a little sentimental when I think about it. Anyway if for some reason you haven't seen that wonderful movie you should know that it's about toys that are alive and move around when nobody is looking. In the first film Woody is afraid of being replaced by an astronaut action figure called Buzz. Let's imagine your a toy. Your entire life is based around the whim of a child. Abandonment is almost inevitable. That's a truly terrifying thought.

Infants are in some ways the same as any child's toy. We like them because they're cute. We enjoy the novelty and then as time passes the novelty wears off a little and some people lose interest all together. Only with babies we can feel real love and we have a moral imperative to protect them. Not only that but in most cases that is what society expects of us. With baby dolls things are completely different. If you build your life around them people start to shun you. You are seen as a freak. It's all too easy to just let them fall apart. And so we do.

When I look at a time battered baby doll and think of all the pain it would have felt if it was really alive I feel both pity and jealousy. Sentience is a curse. It's also wonderful. There is no pleasure without pain. It's hard to say if it's worth it. Maybe we'd all just be better off as molded pieces of plastic. I don't really believe that but sometimes I think I do.